A Good Guy is Hard to look for by Flannery O’Connor: Being Considered a Misfit Essay

A Good Man is difficult to Find by Flannery O'Connor: Being Considered a Misfit

Being Regarded as a Misfit

The story that will be asserted in this composition is " A Good Man is Hard to Find”, simply by Flannery O'Connor. Someone can easily know a person their very own whole life but yet never really know what they can be capable of doing. The " misfit” inside the story might be a good guy but had something bad happen to him that produced him start wanting to eliminate people. We would say a misfit is definitely someone that differs from the others from other folks but many people are different inside our own way. Does this signify all of us are misfits? To some peoples perspectives being a Misfit can be considered an optimistic or bad thing. No one can be a authentic misfit mainly because everyone has various things about them. A misfit is someone that is definitely " terribly adapted to a situation or perhaps environment” (Merriam-Webster). According to the definition of what a misfit is; anyone that is not really acquainted with a place, would be considered a " misfit. ” Someone can be considered a misfit by their different faith based beliefs, the background music they listen to or even their very own romance preference. If an individual has a band of friends which have been all Catholic but they are not really, they would be considered a Misfit. Child that is merely born is actually a misfit for this world because it is unfamiliar becoming outside of her or his mother's stomach. There are several factors on why one person can be considered a misfit. If a person has a very important factor different from one other they would equally be considered misfits. It generally comes down to if how someone looks at what a misfit is and what the person has done being considered a misfit. How a lot of people will consider a misfit as being a confident thing unless they are considered a misfit by doing something similar to the character inside the story. In respect to Blue Skye that wrote a paper on " The Benefits of Being a " Misfit”, states, " Those who have a great limited quantity of a social life can easily focus a whole lot on themselves and the world. Therefore , they are intelligent people” (Mancouch). Becoming considered a misfit could have many...