CVSystem BloodReport Essay

CVSystem BloodReport

Heart: Blood

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Exercise one particular: Observing Bloodstream


A. What are the components of bloodstream?

Blood pieces include sang, white bloodstream cells

red blood cells, platelets.

B. What is the function of red blood cells?

Function of the blood is to carry oxygen and

remove carbon dioxide from the cells are shaped concave

to able to move around through blood vessels.

C. List the five types of leukocytes and describe the function of each Neutrophil

Phagocytic cells area of the immune system


Allergic circumstances and unwanted organisms


synthesize heparin and histamine


a large phagocyte


antibody production

Work out 2: Blood vessels Typing

Questions _

A. Identify how the ABO blood inputting system works.

It is a approach to classifying blood based on the existence of protein around the surface of the plasma membrane on the RBC. The protein is called antigen which is accompanied by antibody.

M. Why is it essential for everyone to be aware of their own blood type? Mainly because every antibody will react to a different RBC with different antigen causing the them to clump and shatter. This is especially significant in blood transfusion the best blood type to be matched up.

C. Explain what would happen if type A blood were transfused into a person with type B blood vessels. The antibodies will behave causing the cells to get clumped, agglutinated and eventually ruptured because the antibodies are not appropriate.

D. What happens in the blood of an Rh-negative individual who is usually exposed to Rh-positive blood? The body will produce antibodies in answer to the RH positive antigens.