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Harley Davidson

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According to Kotler and Armstrong (2010), to build durable customer relationship, a company must create remarkable customer benefit and fulfillment. Harley-Davidson need to have found the best formula for customer marriage because the manufacturer is one of the most powerful brands in the world and provides continuously succeeded for 108 years. Precisely what is the secret to Harley-Davidson's success?

For over hundreds of years, the corporation has put in on its Harley-Davidson brand to express a certain mystique that drawn over nine hundred, 000 devoted customers. The corporation has established the manufacturer to represent quality, a lifestyle and a certain attitude. These things enhance the value that Harley-Davidson company represents. When one thinks of Harley-Davidson, one thinks of extraordinary motorcycles, high-class, courage, freedom, freedom, and individualism. Most of these and the promise of an experience and the ride of a life-time are just some of the qualities customers have come to expect from the Harley-Davidson brand. Just by the number of Harley-Davidson owners, the brand name met or perhaps exceeded their customers' targets.

The Harley-Davidson company is convinced and encourages consistency in their brand worldwide. The company understands who they are and what their brand is short for and do not allow market tendencies sway all of them from the particular Harley-Davidson manufacturer represents. This consistency is yet another aspect the customers have come to expect in the brand. The purchasers are be confident that exactly where they purchase their Harley-Davidson, they will find the same value that they anticipate from the brand. The company also makes use of the partner relationship management to build ongoing customer relationship. Harley-Davidson dealers play a significant role in bringing the Harley-Davidson experience to their customers. " These dealers understand the importance of personalizing just about every customer interaction, from sales, service and customization to...

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