Essay upon Integrity as opposed to Loyalty in the Criminal Rights System

Ethics vs Dedication in the Lawbreaker Justice Program

Concept Paper 3 one particular

Chris Brownish

Introduction to Felony Justice MW P. Meters. Class

Drive 16th, 2012

Ivy Technical Community College or university

Concept Conventional paper # several

Concept Paper 3 a couple of

The Lawbreaker Justice Strategy is made up of countless individuals that dedicate their lives to protect and serve the community they stand for. Although many officers would claim Loyalty into a specific organization is more significant than their own Integrity, a similar thing can be said about an individual's Sincerity vs . Dedication. The problem we face today in most of society, can be keeping the officers around the " good” side in the fence, making sure they stay with what is proper. The Criminal Justice System has taken on the ingredients label of being deemed " Dirty” at times. Fit, would you stay Loyal on your department and peers? Or would you let your integrity take you as a person?

" Loyalty is the quality of being devoted, faithfulness to engagements or obligations, faith to a head or cause” (Hurley, 2001). Sometimes we ask ourself whether we might go with the loyalty to an organization or our honesty. " Commitment amongst persons remains a relevant value in the contemporary world of work in revenge of improvements such as legal agreements, outsourcing and globalization” (Hurley, 2001). The Loyalty to the organization is what keeps the individuals that constitute our Legal Justice Program running smoothly. The officers that are devoted to the job, work hard daily to make the arrests on the roads, giving the city justice intended for the crimes committed. The other area of the loyalty component is whether a great officer should certainly stay devoted to his fellow officers no matter what the instances are. The criminal rights profession can be quite stressing sometimes, causing a large number of people within to become tainted. " Even though rules and regulations rarely mention devotion to managers, this unexamined practice has become sacrosanct no matter...