Essay about Intro to MS Get

Introduction to MS Access

п»їLab 1: Summary of Microsoft Access


By the end of this research laboratory, you should be acquainted with

Some basic top features of MS Access, including furniture, queries, varieties, and reports Standard terms

Microsoft Access

In this research laboratory, we will be implementing the hypotheses on database design we learned in the lecture with a business Relational Database Management System called Microsoft Access (MSA). This program comes with the normal Microsoft Office install, but should you wish to obtain it independently you might be capable to get a good offer at the college student store:

If you have a laptop, we encourage you to install MSA on your computer and bring it towards the lab periods, since all of us don't have enough computers to allow every pupil individually.

If you do not have a copy of MSA on your home PC, you can launch it on the lab equipment by selecting Commence пѓ Almost all Programs пѓ Microsoft Workplace пѓ Microsoft company Office Gain access to 2007. To use the lab equipment, you will need to build an account while using IEOR department; please observe Jay Sparks on the last floor intended for details on this action.

Most of the information provided through this lab could be accessed in greater depth under Microsoft Access's extensive help documents. All the information presented in this training is based on MS Access 3 years ago unless normally specified. If you have a different version installed on your machine, you should expect to see some minor distinctions between what is described here and everything you observe on your own screen.

What exactly is database?

Features of a database


A table permits the user to shop a collection of info about a certain topic, such as Customers or Orders


Queries allow the user to see, change, and analyze info in different ways, such as combining data by two several tables (Customers and Orders), in order to create a custom perspective (e. g. London purchases placed in April). They may end up being used while the source of records pertaining to...

Links: found in the FORM House?

7. Precisely what is the dollar amount of products ordered by Company BB during the 2nd 1 / 4 of 06\? What is the whole dollar amount ordered by Company BB 5 years ago? (Hint: get the relevant contact form or statement first)

8. What are the 10 biggest orders? What is the 3rd biggest order? (Hint: find the relevant report first