Myers Briggs Reflection Paper

Myers Briggs Reflection Newspaper

Jungian Individuality Type i

Reaction to the Personality Type


Davina Copeland

Teacher Veronie Lawrence Wright

This summer 25, 2013

Jungian Personality Type ii

Reaction Conventional paper to Personality Type


After taking Personality Check my thinking and reactions are the same to the description of the outcomes. According to Jungian Persona Type my personal personality code is ENTJ; this is an acronym to get Extraverted User-friendly Thinking Judging. ENTJ's happen to be described as " focused man or woman who on the most effective and organized indicate of performing a task”. ( This quality, along with their objective orientation, generally makes ENTJs superior leaders, both realistic and visionary in employing a long-term plan. ENTJs tend to become fiercely impartial in their making decisions, having a strong will that insulates them against external influence. Generally highly proficient, ENTJs examine and buildings the world has a tendency to have the greatest difficulty of all of the types in applying very subjective considerations and emotional principles into the decision-making process.

Within my human relationships I give 100% of my attention, love and concerns. I actually put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into their relationships. One among my major quests anytime is to constantly take in understanding and turn that into something helpful by turning everything to a learning knowledge. Within the circumstance of human relationships, that means Let me constantly search for knowledge and revise the principles and meaning of my relationship. I value my interactions highly, in particular those relationships which usually present fresh challenges and stimulate my personal learning. This kind of exchanges showcase genuine love and satisfaction for my personality type. Relationships that so not offer any chances for growth or learning hold simply no interest to my opinion. As in other areas of warring I like to maintain charge of my relationships. In interactions, I am direct and often Jungian Individuality Type iii