Test Assessment Essay

Test Assessment

Bio 101 Review Bed sheet

Test #2 (Chapters four - 6)

Chapter 5

1 . Meaning of energy

2 . Difference among potential and kinetic energy

a. Instances of each

several. Basic principles of first 2 laws of thermodynamics

four. Definition of metabolism

a. Figure out 2 factors of this

5. Big difference between endergonic and exergonic reactions

a. What is happening with energy

w. What types of reaction it is (building or wearing down molecules) c. Process of creating ATP and breaking it down and exactly how this relates to these 2 reactions 6. ATP will act as energy storage area molecule

a. Where it stores this kind of energy

7. Redox reactions (LEO says GER)

a. What oxidation is

w. What lowering is

almost 8. What an enzyme is usually biologically

a. How the site performs

b. Adverse feedback

b. i. Thermostat example

n. ii. Competitive

b. iii. Noncompetitive

c. Positive opinions

c. i actually. Examples of two types in humans

g. Why lactose intolerant people get sick when they eat dairy products 9. How come enzymes has to be maintained in proper environments

10. Attention gradients – how molecules move in environment 11. Big difference between passive and effective transport

doze. 3 types of unaggressive transport

a. Simple durchmischung

a. we. Examples in humans

w. Osmosis

w. i. 3 types of environments skin cells can be in

b. i. 1 . Istonic

b. i actually. 2 . Hypotonic

b. i. 3. Hypertonic

b. ii. What happens to creature cells in these 3 environments

c. Caused diffusion

c. i. How come these substances need help

13. Active transfer

a. Understand basics of sodium-potassuim pump

b. Where sodium will go vs where potassium moves

c. Why this requires strength

d. Important places in human body that need this pump

14. Difference between endo and exocytosis

a. 2 types of endocytosis

Section 5

12-15. Definition of what photosynthesis is definitely

sixteen. Know simple reactants and products of photosynthesis

17. What a great autotroph is and does

18. 3 types of energy seen in sunlight

a. Which type forces photosynthesis

nineteen. Organelle where photosynthesis arises

a. Main...