The Lion and the Mouse button Essay

The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse(獅子與老鼠)

Once a wonderful lion was sleeping within a wood. A bit mouse occurred to arrive and ran over his face. The lion awoke and captured the little mouse in anger, and was going to kill her. " Oh, dear kind Lion! ” Said the tiny mouse.  "  Please reduce me. We didn't imply to do you any injury. Let me move. I shall return your kindness. "       � "  Ha, st?lla till med ett, ha, "   laughed the lion.  "  How can easily a little thing like you help a great big cat? "  "  Thank you very much, kind Lion! I hope I should be able to do you a good go back some day, "   said the small mouse. �         Some time after this, the lion was caught in a trap. Only then the small mouse came along. At once the lady ran up to the lion, and said,  "  You had been very kind to me once. Now I am going to save your life, and pay off you the closeness which you demonstrated me last week. "   Soon she gnawed the rules of the snare with her sharp teeth, and the lion was pleased to be cost-free again. �       � "  Thank you, little Mouse button! "   said the big cat, and he walked aside.. The Sibel and the Grapes(狐狸與葡萄)


Early in the land, a sibel saw ripe grapes within a garden. This individual wanted to consume them. �         He believed to himself, " How blessed I i am! I've found several nice fruit. ” He crept into the garden, and came to the grapes. He jumped up at the grapes, but this individual could not reach them. He jumped again and again, but in vain. �         At last he gave it up, and believed to himself, " The grapes are bitter. I avoid want bitter grapes. ” And this individual went away.. Full Alfred plus the Cakes


King ALFRED O farrenheit England when led his army to fight with one more army and was beaten. So he had to run away through the woods and swamps to save his lifestyle. �         One evening he came to a woodcutter's shelter. He was very tired and hungry, and so he begged the woodcutter's wife to give him some thing to eat and a place to settle. He was tattered and grubby and she did not know that he was the king. The girl felt thus sorry intended for him that she advised him to come in and gave hem a seat near the fireplace. �         She was baking some...