The Comparison of Language Learning Approaches Research Paper

The Comparison of Learning Strategies

The students in the American Language Program in Columbia University or college, interviewed by author, Anita Wenden, from the article named " The right way to Be a Powerful Language Spanish student, " proposed some approaches in learning The english language. Comparing all those strategies to my own, personal strategies, We find a large number of similarities in how to be a good learner. Yet , we have several big variations in the ways of using English, which is one of many strategies the scholars proposed. A few students suggested that living and studying in an environment where the goal language was your main language of conversation could help the learner find out language better (Wenden 21). This kind of learning environment supplied the student even more opportunities to practice. One could certainly not avoid ability to hear, reading and using the terminology since everything was in that target language. In other words, one could understand target terminology automatically. In addition, some students suggested that learning the natural way could also help the student understand language more effectively. A young Israeli explained, " I don't think I have to make use of it. If it happens to me to work with it, I use it. I don't pressure myself to utilize a word. " (qtd in Wenden 20). They thought that all one should not really force one self to use the chinese language, but then again, they will tried to not miss the likelihood of learning terminology whenever there have been. Therefore , you can learn new pleasures in a more natural and comfortable approach. The two ideas I have pointed out are probably related to each other. Living and learning in a goal language community provides us the learning environment naturally. Miguel who tied to a British friends and family said everything was all-natural to him (Wenden 20). He stated he watched TV and talked with the British at your home while he read, examined, attended lectures and took notes in English in school (Wenden 20). Essentially, if we maintain using the natural way to master language, gradually we could have much less trouble expressing some thing using accurate phrases and...

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