Essay regarding Why Lenovo succeeds

For what reason Lenovo succeeds

Why Lenovo Succeeds

At present, is hard for people to have good quality of existence without scientific products inside their daily life. Relating to a survey, there are nine hundred million to 1 billion computer users (2010), consequently , there is no doubt that the technology market is one of most extreme and competitive industries compared to other industrial sectors. Lenovo can be an IT miracle which growing quickly and achieving effective not only in China and tiawan but also in global competitive industry. " Lenovo creates and builds exceedingly engineered personal technology, nevertheless we are far more than a technology company. Our company is defining a different way of doing points as a next generation global organization. ” that is Lenovo Group office (2013) introduces their company.

Lenovo Group achieves a large number of great outcomes since it was founded. In global aspect, Lenovo succeeded in purchasing the PC Section of APPLE in May, june 2006 (IBM markets PC group to Lenovo, 2005), which usually marked the birth of a new Lenovo. Lenovo dominates the 3rd global personal computers market in the word. Since aspect of interpersonal influences, Lenovo built for the success through its sposorships the Beijing Olympic Games and providing technological support pertaining to the Shanghai in china World Expo in 2010. In aspect of their brand value, Lenovo starts off leading Chinese technology industry and turning it into one of most effective companies in China. Regarding the element of sales, Lenovo ranked initially in Chinese suppliers for ten consecutive years. The revenue network of the new Lenovo has spread worldwide through the revenue organization of its own, it is business partners, as well as the connections with APPLE.

Why Lenovo can make this kind of a great achievement and grow up from being a mere company to a big group in the world? You will discover three significant asprcts perform an important portion on the road of success, which is often a good style for learning by various other listed firms.

Firstly, Lenovo has many outstanding commanders. Liu Chuanzhi, the most famous head of...